The Ocean is an ERC20 token exchange, meaning all token pairs operate according to a uniform structure and set of rules on the Ethereum blockchain. This ensures that all tokens behave the same way when bought, sold, or traded.

ETH does not conform to ERC20 standards. To trade token pairs on The Ocean and other DEXs, ETH must be temporarily converted to wETH. This process is referred to as "wrapping".

So, how do I get wETH?

To get "wrapped" ETH or wETH, you must first have ETH available in your wallet for 1) conversion and 2) gas costs.

On My Wallet tab, you can click on the Convert link under your ETH balance. Enter how much ETH you wish to convert and Submit your transaction on MetaMask to confirm. Once that's done, you are ready to trade on any of our wETH order books.