Gas + 5 bps
50% discount on gas and fees
Holders get additional discounts
Pay Fees In
ZRX or native token

How Fees Work

Transaction fees are a fraction of the notional value of each trade (price of token x amount of tokens traded). We use units of basis points (“bps”) which represent 1/100th of a percent of notional value. For example, a fee of 5bps means we charge 0.05% of the value of the trade.

Gas fees are paid to Ethereum miners to confirm and settle your trade. On The Ocean, we set a fixed fee per trade to cover gas based on the state of the Ethereum blockchain.

discount on total fees—the transaction fee plus the gas fee—is provided to makers and OCEAN token holders. Fees can be paid in either ZRX (the 0x protocol token) or the native token.